Jill DiamondAccent Modification Expert

I am the President and Founder of ACCENT ACE Creator of The ACCENT ACE Program Working with professionals and students from around the world

ACCENT ACE is the confident way to speak English

  • Advanced ACCENT ACE's speech training for advanced non-native English speakers helps professionals be better understood when using American English.
  • Confidence Building With ACCENT ACE, learners gain confidence by understanding the difference between second language skill and second language communication.
  • Effective The ACCENT ACE Program is effective in breaking down American English into parts and reframing the learner’s understanding of how it sounds.
  • Fun Children learn their native language intuitively. This includes playing games, exploring vocal quality, and having an open mind. ACCENT ACE engages learners with fun in the forefront of its lessons.
  • Musical The ACCENT ACE Program focuses on the rhythm and melody of English instilling correct speaking patterns and enhancing overall speaking abilities.

Advanced speaking skills is our specialty

The ACCENT ACE Program develops verbal confidence in non-native English speakers by actively identifying and implementing speaking tools necessary to increase the effectiveness of their American English communication. Let us excite you with accent training that makes your American English more understandable.

ACCENT ACE is a communication skills boutique specializing in speech training for non-native English speakers. Since 1997 we have been in adult education helping professionals increase their American English speaking skills. The ACCENT ACE Program’s proven methodology motivates learners towards effective, enthusiastic and confident speech. We are proud to be a part of your American accent training and make you a part of how we are transforming the way English is communicated globally.

ACCENT ACE was formerly known as Lanartco.